Restoration of the Toilet Blocks at Mapereka School

In the spring of 2023, Storm Freddy caused severe damage to the toilet blocks of our school. In September, members of our association were able to personally witness the damage. Of the many toilets, only five were usable for 1200 students.

Fortunately, a complete rebuild was not necessary. We collected offers and started the renovation work in October 2023. With 2,485 euros (approximately 3,976,000 MKW), we were able to not only rebuild the toilets but also finance doors and paint for beautification.

Wilson and James, our local contacts, kept us constantly updated with news and pictures of the progress. The project was successfully completed in January 2024. Now, the 1200 students have fully functional toilets available again.

A heartfelt thank you to all donors! Every euro has helped directly.

In the video, you will find impressions and acknowledgments from Adrian Mbendera, the deputy principal, and Lucy Makwemba, a student. Lucy emphasizes the importance of the new toilets for health and requests further support in the form of desks, classrooms, and accommodation for teachers.