Takulandirani ndi manja awiri!

Welcome to Ansbach for Malawi!

100% Voluntary

We have set ourselves the goal of passing on 100% of all donations to the affected region. No structural costs and fees. So your euro ends up 1:1 in the projects in Malawi.


Ansbach for Malawi e.V. was founded in February 2014 as an aid project for the Mulanje region in Malawi. Martin was born in Malawi and has built the club together with friends and family.


We from Ansbach for Malawi is the motto of the association. We do not only want to do development aid, but also to maintain an intensive dialogue with people from the Mulanje region and also motivate people from Ansbach to deal with the country and the people from Malawi.

Projects in Malawi

Since the foundation of our association in 2014, we have supported various projects and initiatives in the Mulanje region.

Our active members
Sebastian Höhn

Finance and member administration

Svenja Weiß

Public relations

Martin Schwarz

Projekt Coordination Malawi

Bastian Seifert

Cash audit

Julia Ziegler

Project Coordination Ansbach

Stephanie Vogel


Gerrit Franken


Leon Franken


Stefan Schwarz

Health topics & lectures

Oliver Stroh


Laura Franken

Projects in Ansbach

We miss you!

We are happy about every helping hand

Core projects

The focus of our projects is to support the Mulanje Mission Hospital and various schools in Malawi.

We live transparency

This is why we have joined the Transparent Civil Society initiative. We commit ourselves to provide information regarding this to the public.

Projects in Ansbach

In Ansbach we also inform about Malawi and Mulanje. For this purpose, we regularly implement projects and public talks in Ansbach.

Mulanje? Malawi?

What is that? And where is it?


Information about Malawi

Malawi is located in the southeast of Africa, between Mozambique and Tanzania, and has an estimated population of 18 million. Its capital is Lilongwe and people speak Chichewa and English here.


Illiteracy rate (adults)


Employment in the agricultural sector


Graduation rate primary school


HIV Positive (Adults)


Below 3 dollars income/day

Infant mortality of 1,000 under 5

Average life expectancy

Number of children per woman

Students per teacher

Average age

“A single head doesn’t carry a roof.” Malawian wisdom. Thank you for your curiosity about our work. We are pleased about every kind of support: cooperation in the association, participation in our events or the support of our projects. Already for 18 Euro/ year you can grant a pupil a daily school meal. The figures speak for themselves: Together we can help the people in Malawi to lead a dignified life and set sustainable impulses. Help us gladly with it!
Martin Schwarz

Initiator and founding member, Ansbach for Malawi e.V.