Cyclone “Freddy” brings devastation to Malawi – MOYO-Ansbach für Malawi e.V. asks for help for victims

Malawi has been hit by a severe flood disaster triggered by cyclone “Freddy”, which has already claimed countless lives and is still causing unimaginable suffering. The country is struggling with the devastating effects of the tropical storm, which left enormous damage to infrastructure in southern Malawi and left many people homeless. In Malawi alone, 199 people have died so far, while many more are missing. The exact extent of the disaster is not yet clear, but the situation remains critical.

Rescue efforts are proving difficult as floodwaters destroyed roads and bridges, blocking a vital link for emergency aid. The people of Malawi are in urgent need of international humanitarian assistance to help them survive and rebuild.

MOYO-Ansbach für Malawi e.V. has made it its mission since its founding in December 2013 to support the people of Malawi and especially in the Mulanje region. Together with the Mulanje Mission Hospital, the association works on sustainable development projects to create a better future for the people of Malawi. But in the current situation, fast and immediate help is needed to ensure the survival of those affected.

The people in Malawi are dependent on your help. Every euro donated counts and can save lives. We therefore ask you to make a donation for the victims of cyclone “Freddy” and the accompanying flood disaster. The donations will be used for the urgently needed support of local initiatives and the local hospital to ensure the supply of food, blankets, plastic sheets and water.

If you too would like to help support the people of Malawi during this difficult time, you can do so through the association’s donation account at Sparkasse Ansbach: IBAN DE75 7655 0000 0008 6200 15, BIC: BYLADEM1ANS with the keyword “Cyclone Freddy”. We thank you for your help and solidarity!